• Learnt vocal music under the guidance of late Shri. Mehendale Guruji of Thane during 1957-61.
  • Learnt basic lessons in Sitar fromA� Shri Damle Guruji of Sangeet Kala Bhavan, Girgaum, Bombay during 1964-68.
  • Started learning advanced Sitar lessons from the famous International Sitarist Pt. Giriraj , who was the leading disciple of Ustad Vilayat Khan, the leading figure of itawa Gharana. His proficiency led him to start his own Gharana- Om Jay Ghanshyam Samvedi.


  • 2.30A� hours performance at cymroza art gallery, Bombay, which was arranged by a�?HI Magazinea�? and applauded by leading music critics.
  • Thereafter played various private concerts, attended by the real knowledgeable people in music.
  • Recently played some outstanding pieces in a dance drama named a�?Chitrangadaa�? , written by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore and Presented by the bangiya Parishad, thane.
  • Special research on the effect of music on the environment and he believes changing Sitar notes can be utilized to change drought conditions effectively.

Our Experiments:

  • Mr. Jayant Date is primarily a Musician, Sitarist , With 33 years of experience, acquired his knowledge , under the illustrious Guru Pt. Giriraj , who was the foremost disciple of Ustad Vilayat Khan and has performed throughout the country to a spellbound audience who have listened to his performance in rapt attention.
  • Since, he is a�?dynamica�? musician and keen nature lover , he started his experiments , a�?The effect of sound on rain Bearing Cloudsa�? like ali pioneers he walked the path alone.
  • He successfully conducted his first experiment in the month of August 1987, at Ahmednagar and in the same month at Bhopal . He conducted his third experiment at Lilpur a��Raper (kutch region). Being a desert region where the rainfall is very scanty, yet his determination and steadfast faith took him to his arid area.
  • He often says thatA�a�? frequency of sound waves are directly proportional to the change in environmenta�?.This theory was proved on 5th Oct 1987 when there was 25mm rain fall within a period of half an hour at Lilpur a��Rapar (Kutch Region). The local authority were zapped and extremely happy. There was complete jubilation and rain dance began. The certificate given by the Bhimani Khadi Mandal and local Talathi is the testimony to the success of this experiment.
  • Recently , under the auspices of Mr. Vijay Page of Mumbai Educational Trust Pt. Jayant Date conducted experiment in the region of Jalana Distinct , Maharashtra state.
    Period A� A� : 13th Sept to 15th Sept 2001.
    Location A�: Bejo Sheetal Seeds Pvt Ltd..(Farm House)
    Area A�A�A�A� A�A�: 450 Acres of farm land
    Sponsor A�A�: Mr. Suresh Agarwal (Managing Director- Bejo Sheetal Seeds Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Jayant Date started his experiment with Raga Megh Malhar punctuated by Rhythm and sound effects from various artistes. The process continued from 7 pm to 9.30 pm everyday. On 14th of sept it rained for nearly 1-1.1/2 hours. On 15th & 16th it rained nearly 2 hours. And on 17th of sept it started raining from 1.30 pm and continued upto 6 pm in the evening .
  • On 14th SEP, there was 18 mm rain fall recorded. But after experiencing the huge down pour on 17th of sept. there was no doubt in the minds of all the observers. It is high time the scientific community acknowledge the a�?Effect Of Sound Waves on Rain Cloudsa�?.
  • The Experiment conducted in Nandgaon , Maharashtra , India, during 2013.
  • During 2014 the experiment was conducted in Manmad , Maharashtra, India. Mr. Pankaj Bhujbal was present during the experiments conducted in Nandgaon & Manmad.